On: 19th December 2018 In: Uncategorised

Two extra days are being added to the Leaving Certificate written exams schedule.

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On: 5th March 2018 In: Carlow, Cavan, Easter Revision, Kilkenny

We have got asked a few times how our intensive Easter Revision course works so our team has come up with this handy guide to shed some insight! Booking Have a look at our timetable and see the subjects that we offer. If there are a few that you...

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On: 19th February 2018 In: Mocks, Tips

The Mocks are over so who’s thinking “Lets sit back wait for the results and we can figure out what we need to work on?” – OMG so wrong. This is the most important time of the year. You have a fair idea where you are at and what...

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On: 6th February 2018 In: Mocks, Tips

Most of you are now in the mocks and you now realise what it is like to have to sit on the one chair at the one table for 2 hours or more. If that’s all you get from this well that’s a start. The mocks are hard work....

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On: 23rd January 2018 In: Tips

The mocks are on the way so you are starting to feel some pressure. That’s both natural and ok. Here are some ideas in no particular order of importance.

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