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Due to the Covid 19 situation, our Easter Course will now be live and interactive online. 

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We offer the best value for money available.


Week 1

  • 6th - 10th April

Week 2

  • 13th - 17th April

Topics Covered

Day 1
An Chluastuiscint

  • Ceisteanna, nathanna agus téarmaíocht don chluastuiscint.
  • Cleachtadh a dhéanamh sa rang.

An Léamhthuiscint

  • Ceisteanna, nathanna agus téarmaíocht don léamhthuiscint.
  • Cleachtadh a dhéanamh sa rang.

Day 2
An Litir

  • Leagan amach na Litreach
  • Foclóir/ Nathanna úsáideacha don litir

Trialacha Teanga Comhthéacsúla:
Aimsirí na Gaeilge

Cleachtadh a dhéanamh sa rang
Day 3
An Aiste: Na topaicí éagsúla:
Laethanta saoire

  • Spórt
  • Ceol/ Ceolchoirm/ réalta ceoil
  • Turas Scoile
  • Daoine Cáiliúla
  • Comórtais
  • An Leabhar/ Clár Teilifíse/ Scannán is fearr liom
  • Brionglóid shuimiúil

An bealach le tabhairt faoi aiste.

  • Foclóir/ Nathanna úsáideacha don aiste
  • Plean aiste a dhéanamh.
  • Seanfhocail úsáideacha don aiste

Scéal/ Eachtra

  • Conas eachtra a scríobh – na topaicí éagsúla
  • Nathanna úsáideacha don scéal/ aiste

Day 4
Litríocht – Prós
Marie Curie – Ceisteanna agus freagraí samplacha
Díoltas an Mhada Rua – ceisteanna agus freagraí samplacha

Prós ainaithnid – Ceisteanna coitianta agus freagraí samplacha

  • Foclóir/ nathanna úsáideacha don scrúdú
  • Mothúcháin
  • Téamaí

Trialacha Teanga Comhthéacsúla/ Gramadach

  • An Chopail

Day 5
Litríoht – Filíocht
An Luichín sa Scoil – Ceisteanna agus freagraí samplacha
An tÓzón – Ceisteanna agus freagraí samplacha

Trialacha Teanga Comhthéacsúla/ Gramadach

  • An aidiacht agus an t-ainmfhocal
  • Céimeanna comparáide na haidiachta

Day 1
Analysing Film and Media
Day 2
Appreciating language – Poetry and Flash Fiction
Day 3
Engaging in the Writing Process – various genres
Day 4
Comprehending Narratives – Drama and Fiction
Day 5
Perfect your Writing Skills – Sentences, Paragraph and Spelling


Reformation – Abuses within the church, the life of Martin Luther and the counter reformation of the Catholic Church.

Plantations – Reasons why plantations began, key focus on the Ulster plantation in relation to success, rules and impacts.

The 1916 Rising – Background, causes, the rising key events, reaction to the rising, the rise of Sinn Fein & the 1918 election.

The War of Independence & Civil War – Causes, key personalities and events, results.

The Irish Free State – Background, problems, key personalities & events, achievements, results.

Fianna Fail in power – Background, problems faced, achievements, key moments, results.

The Emergency – Background, problems faced, key moments, keeping neutrality, results.

The first Inter-Party government – Background, problems faced, achievements, key people, results.

Northern Ireland 1920-1989 – Background, problems faced, achievements, key people, results.

Physical Geography

Climates – Focus on hot, temperate & cold climates. Reasons behind it’s location, unique plants & animals and human activities. This will include previous JC long & short questions and sample answers.

Weather – Forecasting and equipment used in measuring.

The Sea – Here you will look at the sea erodes & transports material. Highlighted will be key landforms of erosion & deposition that you should know for the JC as well as how humans interact with the processes of erosion, transport &deposition. This includes labelled diagrams, previous JC long & short questions and sample answers.

Economic Geography

Secondary economic activities – Focus on what these activities are including the factors that have influenced their development. Study of light & heavy industries like RUSAL & Intel and the development of the British Iron and steel Industry.

Tertiary economic activities – Focus on what these activities are including tourism. The development of tourism in Ireland and abroad as well as the positive and negative impacts associated with it.

Map Work

OS Maps and Arial Photo’s – reading maps & photos, giving grid references and locations, drawing sketches of maps & photos. Finding suitable sites for industry and using our skills to back up our selection of sites.

Day 1

Algebra is the most important topic on paper 1 so we will do at least 2 days on it. The first day will be on how to multiply and divide. We will go through factors and fractions.

Day 2

We will continue on Algebra. We will look at equations – linear, quadratic and simultaneous. We will look how worded questions are converted in equations.

Day 3

Last topics in algebra we will look at is inequalities and manipulating formulae. We will look at patterns be they linear, quadratic or exponential.

Day 4

We will look at functions. What a function is. How to use functions.

Day 5

On the last day we will look at graphs and how to draw out each type. We will look at a big issue of how to use the graph to answer questions.


We will be doing a lot of graphs so it would be a good idea for you to have squared paper. You will also need a Casio calculator and a ruler.

Day 1

Biological World

  • Reproduction
  • Cloning
  • Evolution
  • Photosynthesis

Habit Study

Day 2

Chemical World

  • Bonding and Valency
  • Acids and Bases
  • Metals and Non metals
  • Water

Day 3

Chemical World

  • The Atmosphere
  • Fuels


  • Force and work
  • pressure
  • Moments
  • Density and flotation

Day 4


  • Electricity

Earth and Space

  • universe
  • astronomy

Day 5
Earth and Space

  • Sun-earth-moon model
  • cycles of matter
  • space exploration

Students will analyse each section through new questions for the new junior certificate.
Students will analyses CBA’s and also the new style of exam questions and practice the new exam papers released by curriculum online for jct.

Overview of units 1,5,6,7

In details ABQ Units 2,3,4

Exam Guidelines and exam question preparation to include short questions, ABQ and long questions.


The course is for Junior cert students doing their exams in the summer of 2020.

Live and interactive online.

The course starts on Monday 6th April. Normally the course runs for 1 week. Due to the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in we have decided to divide the course in two. Part one will finish on Friday 10th. Part 2 will start on 13th and finish on 17th April. This will allow more time off for students during the course.

See the timetable above!

For Leaving certs we have a timetable from which you can choose which subjects you want to do. So for example at 9am you can choose between Economics  or Biology. You pick one and do that subject live and interactive for the 5 days of the course at the same time. When you are finished doing that subject you can then choose another subject at the 10.25am slot.

For Junior certs there is one subject on at each time slot so you  do that subject live and interactive for the 5 days.

No. The topics covered in both classes will be the same. These are to give you a choice.

Yes maths A is Probability and Statistics and B is Calculus.

You can book and avail of both classes. You can view either class live and then you can access the second class at any time for the following 24 hours.

Students will be able to log in to view classes for 24 hours after the class takes place. This will allow students access to the classes even if their broadband is poor.

On line notes will be available to all students as part of the course.

We will send all the necessary information to students in advance of the start of the course. We will also have some free classes available prior to the start of the course. This will be an ideal opportunity to view exactly how the course will work. Check out our ‘Free Classes’ section.

If a teacher becomes unwell during the course we will stream that class to the students at the earliest possible opportunity.

Yes. You must first download Zoho Showtime on phone or tablet. 

No. It’s one course spread over the 2 weeks.