Revision Courses

Many parents, and students, ask us: Why should I choose’s Intensive Revision Courses? We always offer the same list of benefits:

  • We offer the best value for money available.
  • Our teachers are all experienced at giving these courses. Each class is intensive and detailed.
  • Students are given excellent guidelines for dealing with exam questions.
  • Professionally printed copy of notes for each subject taken.

See if you can find anywhere else that combines great teachers, professional notes, Supervised Study sessions, and years of experience all in one package. No longer do students from South Leinster, North Munster, and all the border counties have to travel to attend courses. Kilkenny and Cavan have brought the courses to you.


Each subject is taught for 1 hour and 10 minutes

In addition to the topics covered in classes, excellent guidelines for dealing with possible exam questions are given.

Absolutely. Students can attend Supervised Study for an entire day, or for just a few hours.

Yes, we provide comprehensive, professionally printed notes that the students can take home.

No, students can attend up to six classes daily.

Supervised Study is held continuously. This is to ensure that students can avail of it no matter what classes they attend.