From Tuesday the 2nd to Friday the 5th of January.


Our Revision classes will take place in the Cavan Crystal Hotel.


A week of intensive revision classes from just €130.

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Junior Cert Study
9:00am – 10:10am German
10:25am – 11:35am Maths
11:50am – 1:00pm English
2:00pm – 3:10pm Science
3:25pm – 4:35pm Irish
4:50pm – 6:00pm  
Room 1 Room 2 Study
9:00am – 10:10am Geography Chemistry
10:25am – 11:35am German English
11:50am – 1:00pm Maths A Maths Ordinary
2:00pm – 3:10pm Maths B Home Economics A
3:25pm – 4:35pm Biology  
4:50pm – 6:00pm Irish  


3rd Year


Day 1

We will focus on key vocabulary relating to the notice and advertisement section on the paper as well as some basic grammar points which are essential for accuracy in the personal writing section of the paper

Day 2

We will focus on key skills relating to answering the reading comprehension question as well as putting a focus on the aural section of the paper. We will continue to discuss some essential grammar point to deliver accuracy in the personal writing section.

Day 3

Here we will look at the main classroom commands pertaining to section D. We will examine guidelines and techniques as well as theme based notes and worked examples for answering and maximising marks on the letter section.

Day 4

The focus here will be worked examples and key guidelines and phrases for the note section as well as key vocabulary and tips for the Aural paper.


This Revision Course will break down the Junior Cert Irish Exam into sections to show the students how to focus on each section to maximise their marks. The course will increase their knowledge of the subject and will build upon their exam technique. The course will motivate students to achieve their potential in the exam. All areas of the written paper are covered throughout the week. Also, all areas of the Oral Exam are covered on this course, with comprehensive "Questions and Answers" on all four sections of the exam.


- Sceal/Aiste

- Diospoireacht

- Leamhthuiscint

- Cluasthuiscint

- Gramadach

- Pros(Unseen)

- Filiocht

- Litir


Day 1

Reading to understand.

Appreciation of Language.

Responding to unseen texts.

Day 2

Reading Comprehension.

Writing for a variety of purposes.

Responding imaginatively.

Day 3

Showing Critical Appreciation.

Importance of Register.

Day 4

Exploring and using language.

Unseen poetry analysis.


Day 1




Algebraic Fractions,

Manipulation Of The Formulae.

Day 2


Linear Equations,

Solving Inequalities,

Quadratic Equations.

Day 3


Day 4

Coordinate Geometry Of The Line.

6th Year

Maths A

Day 1

Algebra through the lens of functions & problem solving. This will form the basis of the first two and a half days. Questions will be selected to revise topics in algebra such as linear functions, quadratic functions, cubic functions and Exponential functions.

Day 2

Continuing on from Day 1.

Day 3

Sequences and Series, in particular its application to financial maths.

Day 4

Continuing on from day 3.

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Maths B

Day 1

A major part of paper 2 is Trigonometry which we are going to break down over the 4 days.

Degrees and Radians

Trigonometrical graphs.

Solving equations.

How to use trigonometry to find either a missing length or missing angle in a 2 dimensional triangle

Day 2

Double Angles

Compound Angles

Day 3

Continue with solving triangles but this time it will be 3 dimensional and problems that involve circles.

Day 4


Inverse trigonometry.

If time permits: De Moivre's Theorem (Paper 1)

Maths Ordinary

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
The Line.
Day 4
The Line.
(The Circle).



Day 1

Course Outline.

Marking Scheme.

Day 2

Approach to questions.

Exam technique.

Day 3

Sample Answers to Question A, Question B.

Day 4



Day 1
The Oral Exam- Students will receive notes, tips and advice on how to maximise marks on the general conversation part of the oral, as well as help with the Rollenspiele and guidelines for das Projekt. We will work through the grammar questions as they have appeared in previous papers and explain and practice the main concepts that are examinable.
Day 2
The Ausserung- We will break down what exactly is required in this section and examine the exam technique and approach required to maximise the marks. Students will also receive helpful phrases which can be utilised in this section of the paper. Work on the grammar section will continue.
Day 3
The Letter- Students will be taken through the key areas that come up in das Brief. We will examine the various topics in some detail and focus on the best approach to this question to ensure high marks. Sample answers will also be given.
Day 4
Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension-Students will be guided through this section, with a focus on the marking scheme and the style of answer required to achieve top marks. In addition they will receive a bank of vocabulary relating to the most common topics on this section of the course.


Day 1
Physical Geography -
Plate tectonics and Rocks/Formation of Distinctive Landscapes.
Day 2
Physical Geography - Fluvial Processes - Formation of surface features (erosional feature and depositional feature).
Day 3
Regional Geography - Irish Regions - Economic activities in the BMW and GDA region.
Day 4
Regional Geography - European regions - Economic activities in Mezzogiorno and Paris.
Follow on course at Easter all core material covered - Further physical and regional topics covered. Plus focus on Maps and European Union.


This Revision Course will break down the Leaving Cert Irish Exam into sections to show the students how to focus on each section to maximise their marks. The course will motivate students to achieve their potential in this exam. All areas of the written paper will be covered as well as tips for the Leaving Certi Irish Oral. All areas of the Oral Exam are covered on this course, with comprehensive "Questions and Answers" on all four sections of the exam.


- Failtiu

- Leamh na Filiochta

- Na Sraith Pictiuir

- Comhra


Day 1

The Cell (Structure & Division)

Day 2

Genetics (DNA & Inheritance)

Day 3

Response in Human (Defence and Nervous System)

Day 4

Flowering Plant (Structure & Transport)


Day 1

Atomic Chemistry.

Day 2


Day 3


Day 4

Volumetric Analysis 1 + 2.


Price 1 Subject
1 Subject €130
Study €40
2 Subjects €240
3 Subjects €320
4 Subjects €380
5 Subjects €420

Book before the 21st of December and get 1 Subject FREE when you book 2 or more Subjects.

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All of Revise.ie’s Cavan students will attend our Revision Courses here.


Some of the most common questions, answered.

How long are classes?

Each subject is taught for 1 hour and 10 minutes

Are students prepared for exams?

In addition to the topics covered in classes, excellent guidelines for dealing with possible exam questions are given.

What time does revision start and end?

In the past we have started at 9am, and finished at 7:30pm. We will have finalised times closer to the date.

When does Supervised Study take place?

Supervised Study is held continuously. This is to ensure that students can avail of it no matter what classes they attend.

Do the students get any notes?

Yes, we provide comprehensive notes that the students can take home.

Can a student only attend one class?

No, students can attend up to six classes daily.

Can students just attend Supervised Study?

Absolutely. Students can attend Supervised Study for an entire day, or for just a few hours.

If you have any other questions feel free to Contact Us and we’ll get back to you.