Supervised Study starts on the 9th of January, from 4:30pm to 9:10pm Mon-Thurs & Sat-Sun.


All students will attend Evening Study in the Cullies Service Station.


Our Supervised Study starts from just €5. Book 4 Days per week for the term and get €50 off.

At Revise.ie we have been talking, and listening to our students for almost 10 years. Thanks to this constant evolution we know what today’s students really wants when it comes to preparing for their exams.

One of common requests we got over the years from students was for study on Saturdays. It started initially for three hours from 10am to 1 pm. We found that students really wanted more.

As a result of these requests study now runs all day every Saturday. Later in the year we will begin all day Sunday Study too.

We have students who live and attend school many miles from our centres travelling every week to join our full day study sessions. So join us at your nearest Revise.ie centre to find out the benefits of our full day study.

We firmly believe that student focused learning is the most successful route to exam success. Too many students fall behind with conventional learning. Find out more about our Grinds Classes.

What are the beneifts of Revise.ie’s Intensive Revision Courses?

We offer the best value for money available, our teachers are all experienced at giving these courses, students are given excellent guidelines for dealing with exam questions.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4:30pm – 5:30pm Supervised Study
5:30pm – 5:45pm Break
5:45pm – 6:45pm Supervised Study
6:45pm – 7:00pm Break
7:00pm – 8:00pm Supervised Study
8:00pm – 8:10pm Break
8:10pm – 9:10pm Supervised Study
10:00am – 5:30pm Supervised Study


Per Week
1 Day €90
2 Days €180
3 Days €270
4 Days €310*
Weekend Morning €5 per day
Weekend Afternoon €5 per day

If you book the full 4 Days of Study per week for 18 weeks you receive a €50 Discount.

*Includes €50 Discount — Regular price €360

Find Us


Study will take place to the rear of Cullies Service Station.


Some of the most common questions, answered.

Do I have to pay for both sessions?

Only if you plan to attend them. If you want to attend morning study, but not afternoon study that’s fine.

When do you stop offering Supervised Study?

We plan to continue study sessions up until June 2017. We will then break for the Summer.

Can I arrive late?

No, you can drop into the study session during the breaks. You will, however, have to pay for a full session.

Do I have to do all four nights of Evening Study?

No you can do one, two, three, or four nights. Please remember to tell us how many nights you intend on doing and we will work out a price for you.

If you have any other questions feel free to Contact Us and we’ll get back to you.