Our Revision Blitz Courses are taking place throughout the year, starting on August the 21st.


All of our Revision Blitz Courses for 2017/2018 will take place in the Ormonde Hotel.


Each 3 hour session costs €50. If you are taking part in our Grinds of the same subject it’s just €25.

Time and time again students have chosen our Intensive Revision Courses to help them succeed in their Leaving and Junior Cert exams. They have become so popular that we have decided to hold special Blitz days between now and our Easter Revision Course.

These Revision Blitz Days come with all the same great benefits of our normal Intensive Revision Courses:

  • We are simply the best value for money available.
  • All of our teachers are experienced at giving these courses. Every class is detailed and comprehensive.
  • Students are given excellent guidelines for dealing with exam questions.
  • Professionally printed copy of notes for each subject taken.

There is nowhere else that offers this combination of great teachers, professional notes and years of experience in one package.

We firmly believe that student focused learning is the most successful route to exam success. Too many students fall behind with conventional learning. Find out more about our Grinds Classes.

We have been talking, and listening, to our students for 10 years. Thanks to this constant evolution we know what today’s students really wants when it comes to preparing for their exams.

What are the benefits of Revise.ie’s Intensive Revision Courses?

We offer the best value for money available, our teachers are all experienced at giving these courses, students are given excellent guidelines for dealing with exam questions.

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Per Session
Same Subject
Grinds or Study
Any Subject
No Grinds €50


You can avail of up to a 50% discount if you are enrolled in our Grinds for the full year (32 Weeks).

To get 20% off enrol in any Grind or Study. For a 50% discount you should enrol in the same subject. If you enrol in Maths Grinds you can get 50% off our Maths Revision Blitz.



All students will attend our Revision Courses here.