From Tuesday the 2nd to Friday the 5th of January 2018.


Leaving Certs — Ormonde Hotel
Junior Certs — Hotel Kilkenny


A week of Intensive Revision classes from just €130.

Many parents, and students, ask us: Why should I choose Revise.ie’s Intensive Revision Courses? We always offer the same list of benefits:

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  • Students are given excellent guidelines for dealing with exam questions.
  • Professionally printed copy of notes for each subject taken.

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We have been talking, and listening, to our students for 10 years. Thanks to this constant evolution we know what today’s students really wants when it comes to preparing for their exams.


Junior Cert Study
9:00am – 10:10am Irish
10:25am – 11:35am Maths
11:50am – 1:00pm Science
2:00pm – 3:10pm English
3:25pm – 4:35pm Geography
4:50pm – 6:00pm History
Kilbride Room Anner Room Kings Room Study
9:00am – 10:10am Home Economics Irish 1 Chemistry
10:25am – 11:35am Music Irish 2 Physics
11:50am – 1:00pm   French English 1
2:00pm – 3:10pm Maths A Biology 1 Geography
3:25pm – 4:35pm Maths - Ordinary Biology 2 English 2
4:50pm – 6:00pm Maths B Agricultural Science English 3


3rd Year


Day 1

Christmas course is based on Paper 2 where we will focus on Probability, Statistics and Area and Volume.
Day 1 is on Statistics. We will look at some of the words you will need to know. Then we will do questions on mean, mode and median.

Day 2

We will finish of Statistics with presenting data in bar charts, histograms, line plots, stem and leaf and pie charts. You need a maths set.

Day 3

We will do Probability with a special effort on tree diagrams, sample space and experimental probability.

Day 4

Area and volume is a nice chapter but with a lot of material. We will look at 2 dimensional shapes and how to get the area and perimeter. With cylinders, cones and spheres we will set how these shapes are used in Junior cert questions.


You will be shown where the most common mistakes are and what you need to learn.
Maths is all about doing so a lot of your time in each class you will be doing the questions out yourself before you are shown the solutions. Any questions are welcome during the classes.


Day 1

An Chluastuiscint 

• Ceisteanna coitianta

• Nathanna agus téarmaíocht don chluastuiscint. 

• Cleachtadh a dhéanamh sa rang. 

Trialacha Teanga Comhthéacsúla 


• An Aimsir Chaite

• An Aimsir Láithreach 

• An Aimsir Fháistineach

• Modh Coinníollach


Day 2

Ceapadóireacht - Scéal/ Eachtra

Conas eachtra a scríobh – na topaicí éagsúla

• Timpiste 

• Robáil

• Cluiche 

• Saoire

• Cóisir 

• Ceolchoirm 

• Doiteán 

• Post Páirtaimseartha 

• Laethanta Saoire 

• Eachtra ar scoil 

• Eachtra sa bhaile mór

Nathanna agus briathra úsáideacha don scéal/ eachtra 

Plean a dhéanamh – Tús – Lár – Críoch


• An aidiacht shealbhach

• Na réamhfhocail

• Na forainmeacha réamhfhoclacha


Day 3


An Tigh Nua – Ceisteanna agus freagraí samplacha 

Filíocht ainaithnid - Ceisteanna coitianta agus freagraí samplacha

• Foclóir/ nathanna úsáideacha don scrúdú

• Mothúcháin 

• Téamaí 


An Gadaí - Ceisteanna agus freagraí samplacha

Díoltas an Mhada Rua - Ceisteanna agus freagraí samplacha

Prós ainaithnid - Foclóir/ nathanna úsáideacha. Ceisteanna coitianta agus freagraí samplacha

• Foclóir/ nathanna úsáideacha don scrúdú

• Mothúcháin 

• Téamaí


Day 4

An Léamhthuiscint

• Ceisteanna, nathanna agus téarmaíocht don léamhthuiscint. 

An Litir 

• Leagan amach na Litreach

• Foclóir/ Nathanna úsáideacha don litir


• Séimhiú agus urú

• Na huimhreacha 

• Céimeanna comparáide na haidiachta


More coming soon…

6th Year

Maths Higher A

Day 1

Algebra is the key to doing well in the Leaving cert. It is the most important topic of them all.
Day one will be on basic key skills -
Multiplication including perfect squares.
Factors. Fractions.
Equations - linear, quadratic and cubic.

Day 2

Moving through more algebra.
Absolute value

Day 3

Really important idea of Indices

Day 4

Logs from start to finishes going through in particular worded questions.

Maths Higher B

Day 1


A major part of paper 2 is Trigonometry which we are going to break down over the 4 days. We will start with

Degrees and Radians

Double Angles

Compound Angles


Day 2


We will go through how to solve equations.

How to use trigonometry to find either a missing length or missing angle in a 2 dimensional triangle.


Day 3


We will continue with solving triangles but this time it will be 3 dimensional and problems that involve circles.


Day 4


We will deal with identities.

Trigonometrical graphs.

Inverse trigonometry.

You will need to bring a maths tables and a calculator to all classes please.

Maths (Ordinary)

Day 1


Algebra is a really important topic on Paper 1 and can be seen as well on paper 2.

We will start with how to multiply out.

We will learn how to deal with fractions.

We will do a very important idea of putting numbers instead of letters.

We will deal with how to find the factors.


Day 2


You must be able to solve linear equations and quadratic equations.

We will solve inequalities.

Simultaneous equations is a must to do.

We will try to get a small bit done on Indices.


Day 3


We will start in co-ordinate Geometry of the line which is on Paper 2.

We will go through all the different formula you will need to use and then go through different leaving cert questions


Day 4


Time permitting we will look at the Circle. This chapter sort of ties in with Algebra and the Line that we will have studied over the previous 3 days.

We will look at all the terminology you will need to use. We will then go through how to find the equation of a circle and the equation of a tangent.


During every class I will go through the theory and show you what you will need to know. More importantly you will be given a chance to do as many questions as we can get through. I will then go through the solutions of the same questions so that if you made a mistake you can see where and why. Bring a calculator and tables to all the classes.


Day 1

Set Work – Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture

• Understanding key terms

• Sonata Form and how it applies to this work

• How Tchaikovsky deviates from traditional Sonata Form in this work

• Recognising the themes

• Recognising which section of the work you are listening to

• Musical features within the work

• Strategies for approaching the Tchaikovsky question 

• How this question has been examined in the past

Day 2

Composing – Harmony

• The basic elements of the harmony question – what theory do I need 

to know to be able to answer it?

• Major and minor harmonies

• How to approach a full question – strategies

• Good and bad chord progressions – how to maximise your marks

• A look at the marking scheme for this question

• How to write a good bassline for Questions 4 & 5

Day 3

Set Work – Barry: Piano Quartet No. 1 

• Understanding key terms

• How the work is compiled – a focus on compositional and 

instrumental techniques that feature in the Piano Quartet

• How to recognise the different sections aurally

• Strategies for approaching the Barry question

Day 4

Practical (including technology) & Irish Music Part 1

• How the practical exam is marked

• How to prepare for the practical exam

• Unprepared tests

• The technology exam – how and what do I prepare for this?

• Irish Music: Part B (the essay questions) - How to prepare for this 

and how to maximise your marks


More coming soon…


Price 1 Subject
1 Subject €130
2 Subjects €240
3 Subjects €320
4 Subjects €380
5 Subjects €420
Study €40

Book before the 21st of December and get 1 Subject FREE when you book 2 or more Subjects.



Leaving Cert courses will take place here.


All of our Junior Cert courses will take place here.


Some of the most common questions, answered.

How long are classes?

Each subject is taught for 1 hour and 10 minutes

Are students prepared for exams?

In addition to the topics covered in classes, excellent guidelines for dealing with possible exam questions are given.

What time does revision start and end?

In the past we have started at 9am, and finished at 7:30pm. We will have finalised times closer to the date.

When does Supervised Study take place?

Supervised Study is held continuously. This is to ensure that students can avail of it no matter what classes they attend.

Do the students get any notes?

Yes, we provide comprehensive notes that the students can take home.

Can a student only attend one class?

No, students can attend up to six classes daily.

Can students just attend Supervised Study?

Absolutely. Students can attend Supervised Study for an entire day, or for just a few hours.

If you have any other questions feel free to Contact Us and we’ll get back to you.