Online Easter Exam Prep

Live & Interactive

Unlike others, we are live and interactive and that makes a huge difference to you!

Due to the Covid 19 situation, our Easter Course will now be live and interactive online. 

Prices are slashed to support all our customers through these difficult times.

Our experience and expertise enable all our students to reach their potential in both Junior Cert & Leaving Cert Exams!

  • We offer the best value for money available.
  • Our teachers are all experienced at giving these courses. Each class is intensive and detailed.
  • Students are given excellent guidelines for dealing with exam questions.
  • Due to concerns over the ability to deliver and to guarantee we help minimise the spread Covid-19 we will email notes to all students.

See if you can find anywhere else that combines great teachers, professional notes and years of experience all in one package.

Please register on a Laptop / Desktop as not all phones and tablets are compatible. To try and view on phones and tablets,  you must download Zoho Showtime on your device.

We offer the best value for money available.

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